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Swordfish Art

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Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bomber Bi Plane. Robert Taylor Swordfish aviation prints. Robert Taylor Fairey Swordish Bi Plane aviation prints.  Full range of Fairey Swordfish signed limited edition art prints by Aviation artist Robert Taylor. published by The Military Gallery and available from Cranston Fine Arts. 

FAIREY SWORDFISH, Torpedo Bomber and reconnaissance Biplane, crewed by Three, with a top speed of 154mph, reduced to 136mph as a float plane. maximum ceiling 19,000 feet. reduced as a float plane. armed with a .303 Vickers machine gun fixed forward and one in the rear cockpit..  One 1610lb Torpedo or up to 1500lb bomb load.  At the outbreak of world war two the Fleet air arm had 13 operational squadrons .The Fairey Swordfish has earned its place in history for major contributions to naval warfare.  during the Norwegian campaign, and especially during the raid on Toranto.  During November 1940, Twenty Swordfish  to off from HMS Illustrious (operation Judgement ) to attack the Italian Fleet in their Harbour of Toranto. At Least nine torpedoes hit their targets. Seven Italian Ships were badly damaged including The Italian battleships, Caio Duillio, Littorio and Conte De Cavour.  this was followed in February 1942, by a Heroic but suicidal attack on German Battle Cruisers in the English Channel by six swordfish of 825 squadron from RAF Manston. all aircraft and crews were lost. This resulted in a Victoria Cross for the leader Lieutenant Commander E Esmonde.   The next major event was the Torpedo Attack on the Bismarck from Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal, which badly damaged the steering gear of the Bismarck  which helped in the final destruction of the German battleship by Royal Navy Battleships.   The fairey Swordfish was also used in anti-submarine and anti-shipping roles,  The Swordfish sunk more enemy ships (by Tonnage) than any other aircraft acting in the same roles.  By the end of the War the Fleet Air Arm still had nine active squadrons. but were finally disbanded in May 1945. A total of 2399 Swordfish Were Built.

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Swordfish Attack at Taranto by Robert Taylor.

Swordfish Attack at Taranto by Robert Taylor.

On November 11, 1940 a group of 21 slow, outdated Swordfish biplanes attacked and crippled the Italian Fleet in the heavily defended port of Taranto. One of the most daring raids of World War II captured in this print for posterity.
Item Code : DHM2174Swordfish Attack at Taranto by Robert Taylor. - Editions Available
PRINT Signed limited edition of 1500 prints.
Full Item Details
Paper size 24 inches x 20 inches (61cm x 51cm) Lamb, Charles
Janvrin, Hugh Dick
+ Artist : Robert Taylor

Signature(s) value alone : £125
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**Signed limited edition of 1500 prints. (Two prints reduced to clear)
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Great value : Value of signatures exceeds price of item!
Paper size 24 inches x 20 inches (61cm x 51cm) Lamb, Charles
Janvrin, Hugh Dick
+ Artist : Robert Taylor

Signature(s) value alone : £125
£80 Off!Now : £60.00


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Launch Against the Bismarck by Robert Taylor.

Launch Against the Bismarck by Robert Taylor.

Late in the day on May 26, 1941, in deteriorating weather, 15 Fairey Swordfish biplanes launched from the heaving deck of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. Each was armed with a single torpedo, its task to halt the escape of the battleship Bismarck. The navy pilots knew they must succeed before dark: by the following morning the German battleship would reach the protection of Luftwaffe aircraft based in France. Contending with turbulence and sea spray, one by one the Swordfish made their attack, running in just feet above the waves. The frail biplanes were met with a barrage of murderous gunfire, Bismarck bringing all possible armament to bear. Attempting to avoid the in-coming attack, the 42,000 ton battleship was in a high-speed turn when a torpedo from a Number 2 subflight Swordfish struck her steering gear. The explosion irreparably jammed her rudder over 12 degrees sealing the fate of the mighty warship. Unable to steer, all she could do was await the dawn and the arrival of t.........

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Item Code : RST0029Launch Against the Bismarck by Robert Taylor. - Editions Available
PRINTSigned limited edition of 500 prints.
Full Item Details
Paper size 34 inches x 26 inches (86cm x 66cm) Moffat, John William Jock
Bailey, Leslie Bill
Jackson, Patrick Bernard Pat
Glick, Philip David Percy
+ Artist : Robert Taylor

Signature(s) value alone : £180

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